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Marussiac /Marušiak/ is a Slovak artist and university educator in creating new media. He
was born on 21 April 1980 in Kosice and, after graduating from the Academy of Fine
Arts in Bratislava in 2004 (The Open Studio of Professor Rudolf Sikora ), he teaches
in the Department of Fine Arts and Intermedia the Faculty of Visual Arts TUKE in Košice at the
Studio of New Media as an assistant professor. In 2004-2005 he was
one of the main creators of the first university department of new media art in
Slovakia. Professionally he focuses on the creation of 3D computer art and Net Art. He
is the originator of many international projects in the field of art and design. His
works have been published in various international editions.

Artist statement

The basic starting point of my work is located in the area behind the other side of the
monitor, in the area of media simulacra. Work on the themes that I’m researching
enables especially 3D digital “ready-made” methods of internet marketing. In short, I
produce 3d digital work, through the use of Internet search on the basis of which I
create an architecture of the virtual image. Search results are used to compile the
structure and theme of the work normally with regard to current issues and their mutual
relationships. The choice of topics and critical view of social, political and cultural
issues become the starting point, which I develop in the area of global virtual
structures. For this reason, in this work I examine the problem of exposing the sexual,
social and religious pressure on the individual. The problem I understand as rooted in
anxiety. 3d digital media itself naturally integrate various types of non-material
aesthetics that permits me the most efficient method of creating a virtual image. Using
this method itself I understand as conceptual work. The construction method could be
compared with a quotation from Roland Barthes: “The text is a tissue of citations drawn
from the innumerable centres of culture.” The formal methods of the architectural work
are closely influenced not only by an interest in the theme, but mainly using SEO
internet marketing methods, which reveal hidden or secret relationships. The resulting
architecture image I consult with the context of global search engines. The choice of
naming the work as well as the objects displayed reflects the mutual research context
and its uniqueness. The constructed concept is created as a 3D digital work comparable
to a child’s jigsaw puzzle. The resulting work is often verified even at the draft
phase of publishing on blogs and social networks. By applying these methods I borrow
not only the raw visuality of advertising but I also create the work as a marketing

Hulk TRAIN 01

In this piece, Marussiac considers the question of contemporary culture and relationships between big world heroes. The installation, HULK TRAIN 01, is formed as a modern altar. Roles of heroes are changing, and Hulk is a symbolic role guardian of Jesus Christ. Hulk rides the toy train and holds the crucifix as a sign of protection against evil. The main music theme is an old christian hymn, “Nearer, my God, to Thee, nearer to Thee!.” This hymn was chosen because it may be interpreted as Christian message.Marussiac has stated that he does not want to offend anyone; the artwork should be understood as critical view of the world.
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With ‘Jesus Saves-CROSSWALK,’

Tomas Marussiac has again created a series of interesting artworks. For several years, the artist has been dedicated to topics that are influenced by the visual culture of Hollywood and Hollywood symbols. In 2011, Marussiac presented an interesting feature about Spiderman and his secretive life.
The main theme here is a series of images that takes place at pedestrian crossings. Despite the passage of pedestrians, each comes to be known as characters such as: Hulk, Captain America, Batman or Spiderman. Going through the pedestrian crossing is not easy, and neither is moving smoothly through life. Anything can happen: it may die and nearly destruct a famous movie hero. The point is the question “Why is a series of artwork called ‘Jesus Saves-CROSSWALK?’ The answer is simple. As at present, often people do not see the difference between faith in God and superhero

Are YOU here ?

Concentration camps Disneyland Paris - France

digital Print 2013
max 120/140cm
signed copies:3 

Concentration camps Disneyland BEIJING

Concentration camps MOSCOW

Concentration camps Disneyland PENTAGON

Concentration camps VATICAN-ROME